julie rose party co was made in August 2013. I made it during the evenings, weekends, bank holidays and on days' leave from my full time job - and in between being a mother to two kids. I squashed it between mental shopping lists, kids' dental appointments and school plays. There's a lot more to this story, but I'll save it for another visit.

Since starting this party shop I've learnt a lot about business, and people. It's tough, both. The toughest part is keeping the consistency, along with the sanity. Keeping the admin polished and filed, and always trying to think about the next best product, next best way to present the website and all the little gizmos that go with it. It's like having a third child, that you selflessly nurture and love. It's a great journey, really it is - of course it doesn't beat motherhood. But some outputs can be arguably similar.

This place where you're at now is an online children's party shop, tucked away in beautiful England. It's all about bringing you the latest stylish party stuff to help make kids' parties incredibly awesome. To spark their imagination, and make the party venue look gorgeous. And make other parents' jaws drop, a little.

From contemporary to utterly cute, the party collections are sourced from some of world's leading artists and brands. They're often updated, and I'm always looking for stuff you won't find in Tesco, or John Lewis. Or wherever you shop.

And if you're looking for specific party stuff that we don't stock, just shout. We'll look for it. If it fits with what we stand for then we'll get it. Drop us line here: julie@julierosepartyco.co.uk

With a smile and wave, hello, welcome.

julie rose.

(and my lovely cat, below, who has been a loyal companion during the late nights, early mornings and countless order packaging processes).